Monday, October 26, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery - Update

It's been two months since my breast reduction surgery. I am very happy with the results, but I've had a frustrating complication. One of my incisions has refused to heal properly. I've learned that this sometimes happens; the skin surrounding the incision for some strange reason stops trying to grow together. My doctor said that it would eventually heal, but a skin graft was a way of trying to speed things up. So last week I had a skin graft.

In addition to the general discomfort, I'm having to go without a bra for a week. Which is a little strange, since I've been wearing bras 24/7 since the first surgery! I also can't get these bandages wet, so that means sponge baths. Not fun, folks!

I go back on Wednesday of this week to have the bandages removed. Here's hoping that I'm back to normal soon! I really really really really really want to go bra shopping . . .


Dotty Jane said...

Sending healing prayers your way!

Love the LOL cats:) It's one of the sites I visit regularly.


Linda said...

Hope you are healing nicely.