Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jewelry Tutorials are Back on my Website

When I first created my website a few years ago, I had included some basic jewelry tutorials. But I soon began to run out of web space as I began posting more items for sale, so the tutes had to go.

Now that I'm selling through Etsy, I have the space once again for tutorials! You can see them by clicking on the "Tutorials" button on the left side of the screen. So far I have tutes about making a basic necklace or bracelet, how to use crimping pliers, and bead stringing materials. I also plan to add the content from the tumbler tute posted a few weeks ago on my blog.

I enjoy creating tutorials; it's that "teacher" in me coming out. What other tutorial suggestions do you have?


liz dexic - dotted with hearts said...

YAY! Tutorials are awesome :)

missbmckay said...

Thanks for the tutorials. I can't wait!

MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, my goodness, if I did jewelry tutorials, they'd have to bleep the soundtrack! :)