Monday, September 14, 2009

Festival Preparations

I will have a booth at two festivals coming up the next two weekends. (Links are posted on the top left column of this blog.) There is SO MUCH WORK involved in getting ready for these festivals; my "bead room" is now officially a disaster area and DH is hyperventilating - he's a neat freak.

Step one: Each piece of jewelry needs a price tag. I print my own tags, but that means printing them, cutting them out, and hole punching every single tag. Most of this takes place in the office area (which as you can see from the dinosaur on the desk, I share with my son).

Then it's over to the "bead room" where I cut strips of raffia and attach tags to everything. This is when I take note of which pieces have tarnished, and into the tumbler they go before getting tagged.

Of course, it never fails that while I'm doing this some other beads call out to me and want to be made into a new piece . . . so here's what my work table ends up looking like!

Once everything is tagged, I begin putting my displays together. I like to do this step before I arrive at a festival; that way all I have to do is set up the busts and stands. Once I've put it all together, the displays go into big plastic storage boxes.

What a mess! Ugh! This process usually takes me several days to complete. But the cool thing is once it's all packed up, my bead room is practically empty and I can actually do some cleaning in there.

More pics coming once all is packed!


Emily said...

Tagging every piece... What a daunting task!! Good luck at your festivals!

Linda said...

I hope you have beautiful weather and sell out!