Monday, September 28, 2009

It's the economy, stupid!

What a weekend!
I had a booth at the Riverfest arts & crafts festival in Canton, Georgia. (That's my booth on the right, with the purple tablecloths). This show is normally held in a grassy field, but due to the recent flooding it was moved into the parking lot between two schools. Actually, I think this was a BETTER location because the booths were visible from the road. But nature conspired against us on Saturday with heavy rain and thunderstorms. The show organizers shut the show down due to concerns about lightning.

We all returned on Sunday to a gorgeous, warm, breezy day.
I think everyone was tired of being cooped up for two weeks because of the rain, so they came out in droves. The problem is, they weren't spending any money. I only had a few sales. I checked with the other vendors who had similar items to mine, and they agreed - the economic turndown has hit us.

Even without huge $$ success, I still had a great time. I met lots of nice people and did a lot of people-watching, one of my favorite pastimes. Don't worry; if you were there I won't tell stories about you! :-)

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