Monday, September 21, 2009

Lessons Learned during my first Arts Festival in the Rain

I participated in the Roswell Arts Festival this weekend. And for the first time since I've been doing shows, it rained the entire weekend. I was really surprised that customers showed up anyway! I didn't expect anyone at all. But we've had rain for over a week straight here, and I think people were getting a bit stir-crazy and wanted something to do. So they showed up! Although my sales weren't fantastic, I think I did very well for the conditions.

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom that I learned:

1. A poncho is an absolute MUST.
2. Bring lots of pins / clothespins. You can use them to pin up your tablecloths so that they don't get quite as wet.
3. Bring a waterproof bag where you can store some dry towels, washcloths, socks, etc.
4. Bring empty trashbags where you can toss your WET towels, washcloths, socks, etc!
5. Bungee cords + duct tape = great hanging hooks! I offered one to my customers where they could hang their umbrellas or jackets while they were looking around. (see picture) They were very appreciative, and I think it may have helped some sales because it was easier for them to browse.
6. Rubber boots. I didn't have a pair, and I wished I did!
7. Tarps. You may think your tent won't leak, and maybe yours won't, but mine did! Fortunately I had a spare poncho that I threw over the leak. But next time, I will have tarps.
8. Use plastic boxes for your product and supplies instead of cardboard. Rain + cardboard = mush.
9. Don't blow off the show completely just because of rain. People will come!

I have another show next weekend - Riverfest in Canton, GA. I'm hoping for better weather!

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