Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I agree with Obama on something! It's a miracle!

The Senate has voted to terminate future production of the F-22 fighter jet, and President Obama has applauded their decision. This plane is built by Lockheed-Martin and its production is spread over many states, including the final assembly plant located here in Marietta, Georgia. This will result in job losses, to be sure. (Lockheed Martin states that 25,000 people are directly involved in the production of the F-22, and another 70,000 are indirectly involved.)

So why in the world do I, a conservative, agree with this decision? Well, it turns out that the Pentagon does not want more of these planes! They want smaller planes better suited to the type of threats we face in the 21st century. So now the money that was going toward the F-22 program can be redirected where the military thinks it could be put to better use.

We cannot continue to throw money at projects just because the projects employ people. If the project is a failure, is not necessary, or is not even desired by its beneficiaries, it's a waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere! Like, oh, vouchers for private education???? (Yeah, like THAT's ever gonna happen! But I can dream, right?)


DJ said...

I totally agree. Supporting a small group of people instead of a large one (the military) that are fighting wars just makes no sense to me.

(And I'm a Ron Paul fan!)

Great blog here - found you in Etsy forums.

Curtis Collectables :) said...

I also found you through Etsy forums. :)

I think the military needs to restructure completely. Get rid of old things that are no longer necessary and start paying Soldiers more. They deserve it.